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Everything Italian was fashionable during the late 16th century and it was therefore a popular destination for aspiring Elizabethans. Piva takes a musical journey from England to Italy passing through the Netherlands and Germany en route.  Fascinating tales of travel as well as observations of unscrupulous inn-keepers, poor roads and foreign experiences.

The Grand Tour

Piva’s Concert Programmes

Our concert programmes are developing all the time and some recents examples are given below.  Performances can be tailored or developed to suit a specific event, occasion or anniversary.  Simply contact us to discuss your ideas.

Using the many musical references in Shakespeare’s plays as a starting point, we explore the popular dance and ballad repertoire from late 16th century England. The music runs the gamut from village green to stately court and rowdy tavern to country house.  All wrapped up with musical quotations from the plays.

Measure for Measure

Piva helps kick start Christmas with a lively show of music of the season, backed up with seasonal stories and fables.  Piva washes away the Victorian influence and plays carols and tunes in a style which would have been familiar to someone from the 16th century.

The perfect Christmas show.

Talks and Presentations

Eric and Jane are also available for museums, history societies and other organisations to present interesting and lively talks about instruments and how they were made in the 16th century.

Piva’s vast array of instruments always attract a lot of interest but there’s never normally time to discuss them and their history.  This talk looks at the instruments of the Renaissance - a real boom time in the development of music and instrument.  

So, if you have ever wondered what a curtal looks like and why the crumhorn has a bend in  it, then this fascinating and informative talk is the one for you.

Ancestral Instruments

Piva must be unique in that three of its members are instrument makers - so they really do know how music is “made”! This fascinating talk takes you on a journey that explains how and where instruments were made and played in the 16th century.

We also explore the history of a family of Italian instrument makers and follow the making of an instrument  from a piece of coppiced wood to the finished article.

Meet the Music Makers

Other Programmes and Events:

We will tailor our performance to suit for:

We are more than happy to discuss your event with you and develop a programme that will suit your needs - whether it’s to match a specific theme, an anniversary or a one-off event.  We love the challenge of adapting our music to your needs!

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

An Elizabethan Christmas

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