Medieval – Vol I 12th-14thC, 16th & 17thC


Living History Tune Books

Jane Moulder has researched and published this highly successful series of tune books which have been designed to give an introduction to the music of each period.  Containing background information on instruments, musicians and performance practices of the period.  They contain predominantly dance tunes and are suitable for a range of melody instruments.

Tunes in Volume I 12th – 14th Century:

Kalenda Maya, Ce fu en Mai, Brid one Brere, Vos n’aler, Sumer is Icumen In, Ductia, Estampie, Ductia, La Quinte Estampie Real, Angelus ad Virginam, Saltarello, Lamento di Tristano, La Rotta di Tristano, Saltarello, Trotto, La Manfredina, La Rotta della Manfredina, Czaldy Waldy.

Tunes in 16th Century Renaissance:

Pastime with Good Company, La rocha el fuso, Half Hannikin, Gagliarda Zorzi, Bergerette: Sans Roch, La Morisque, Basse danse: Mon Desir, Les Quartre Branles, Ronde VI, Saltarelle, Den Hoboecken dans, Tourdion, Pavanne Passamaise & Galliarde, Almandes I, II & VIII, Sellenger’s Round, Ballo Francese, Il Putta Nera Ballo Furlano, Greensleeves, Pavane de Spaigne, Belle qui tiens, Tordion, Branle des Lavandieres, Branle de l’Official, Branle des Cheveaux, Jouissance vous Donneray, Watkin’s Ale, Branle Double, Branle de la Torche, La Volta, Bransle de Montirande (XI)

Tunes in 17th Century Stuart & Commonwealth:

The 29th May, Johnny Cock Thy Beaver, Argeers, The King’s Jig, Bartholomew Fair, Lillibulero, The Beggar Boy, Martin Said to his Man, Boatman, Millfield, Bobbing Joe, Mundesse, Buff Coat, The New Royal Exchange, Carman’s Whistle, Nonesuch, Cavalilly Man, Old Noll’s Jig, Cheshire Rounds, Old Simon the King, Chestnut, Packington’s Pound, Childgrove, Parson Upon Dorothy, The Cushion Dance, Pepper is Black, Daphne, Prince Rupert’s March, Dargason, Roger of Coverly, Farinel’s Ground, Rogero, Goddesses, Shaking of the Sheets, Great Tom is Cast, The Spanish Gypsies, Grim, King of the Ghosts, Stanes Morris, Have at thy Coat Old Woman, Stingo, A Hornpipe, Tom a Bedlam, The Indian Queen, Trenchmore, Jamaica, Vive le Roi, Jenny Pluck Pears, When the King enjoys his own again, A Jigg divided 12 ways, The Whirligig, Joan’s Ale is New, Woodycock, John Come Kiss me Now.

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