Eric Moulder
Piva’s founder and director of music.

David Jarratt - KNOCK

Tony Millyard

Jude Rees

Jane Moulder Piva

JANE Moulder

Kate Moran

Mary Mohan

“A remarkable Renaissance music group called PIVA – if you have the chance to hear them, jump at it”   

Voluntary Arts Ireland

The members of PIVA – the Renaissance Collective have wide and diverse musical backgrounds and between them they have experience in playing renaissance, classical, baroque, folk and roots music. They bring all of these diverse musical influences together and fuse them with their knowledge of renaissance music and instruments. The result is a cohesive approach and attitude towards the renaissance repertoire: PIVA’s aim is to be faithful to the music of the period whilst adding their own innovative arrangements and interpretations.

About the name PIVA

The name PIVA originates from the north east of Italy. It has various meanings but they are all connected with music. A Piva can be a 15th century dance, the music for the dance, a small traditional shawm, a reed for the shawm and it’s also a northern Italian bagpipe. All in all, it’s about music, dancing and having a good time – we feel the name reflects our music, instruments and our approach.

Sometime after choosing the name, we discovered some facts about a family called Bassano who originated from Italy. We already knew that they were instrument makers (as are four of our group) as well as players and composers who were brought to England from Venice by Henry VIII. This family then remained in London as court musicians and instrument makers for 150 years. They called themselves “Bassano” because that is the town they originated from. However, we discovered that when they lived in Bassano, their family name was Piva – a remarkable concurrence!

““Like all good bands Piva need to be experienced live” ”.

Paul James, Blowzabella